See what our students and parents are saying about Tanbridge Academy.

From your child’s perspective, what does he/she value most at Tanbridge Academy?
  • Friends, teachers, fun
  • Love the community feel and how the teachers all care
  • Small class sizes and sports
  • The friendships and support of classmates and teachers
  • Leadership program
  • The small class sizes, the focus on being active. The teachers and how they make learning fun.
  • Being part of a close community and feeling comfortable at school
  • Everyone is friendly and nice
  • Small class sizes and friendly atmosphere
  • Teachers care
  • Sports

"Tanbridge has helped me develop as a leader. The small classes allow me to concentrate and receive help with my school work. My classmates have good character and there is a good mix of nice people in our school. My teachers are kind and they always encourage me to work on my weaknesses but they celebrate my strengths. I like circle time because it “lightens up my day” and gives me a a chance to reward my classmates for being nice. Coach Tyler pushes me and is a really good teacher. I like seeing how much the other players have improved. Tanbridge is a great community and I'm proud to be part of a growing school."

- Student

From a parent/guardian perspective, what do you value most at Tanbridge Academy?

  • Small class size, small school size, leadership program
  • The close knit family Tanbridge has created. I love how polite all the older children are and how they greet my son by name passing in the hallways.
  • Strong academics
  • We value the commitment teachers place and how they work as a team.
  • Personalized academic plan; the personal, professional family feel, and care of all staff
  • I love seeing him happier and active in learning
  • What I appreciate and value most is the interest that each teacher and coach takes in my son both academically and personally. There is little judgement and negativity, everyone comes from a place of caring and concern as they want success for the kids on all levels.
  • How the teachers accommodate to my child’s level of learning
  • The feeling of security for our child, the small class size, teaching leadership and the dedication of the staff
  • The communication between faculty and parents
  • My child feels comfortable here and loves going to school. I know that my child can count on advice, support and guidance if he needs it outside from his home.
  • I also like that emphasis on the pillars and how students are encouraged to demonstrate strong character.
  • It's a safe, understanding, flexible and very supportive network. I never worry about my child when they are school and I can actively see the development academically.
  • I really appreciate the extra 1 on 1 he gets with teachers
  • Academic quality. The sports program. Different celebrations. Titan award program, love the accountability.
  • The small class size and "community" feel.
  • The individual attention my child gets. The responsiveness of the teachers.

“This is my first year at Tanbridge and I am in Grade 5. A few of my favourite things about Tanbridge are that I love that I can do my favourite sport (acro-dance) at school three times a week! Also I really like how there aren’t a lot of students in my class and that I know everyone in the school! My most favourite thing about my school is how kind all of the kids are to each other.”

- Student

“This is my third year at Tanbridge Academy. The biggest difference for me between Tanbridge and my old school is the small class. I made connections right away with my teachers, classmates and my principal. The class my first year was half the size of my old school! This provided me with more attention and I was on the honour roll by my second year. Even though we have sports programs, academics is definitely the main focus at my school. I have the privilege of participating in the hockey program three mornings a week, and I have the best hockey teacher!”

- Student

“I am in grade three at Tanbridge and this is my first year. From my very first day, I loved my new school. My teacher is amazing and she challenges me every day! She lets me work ahead when I am ready to learn something new. Sometimes I even get to work on the grade 4 assignments. My class is small and I have made awesome friends. I am in the dance program this year and my dance teacher is great. We also go on amazing field trips. I also love how the school is like a big family. We can go into our class if we are at school early and just relax and read a book while we listen to music. I love going to school!”

- Student

“Our family has the privilege of having all three of our children at Tanbridge this year. Our children all came from our neighborhood public school where the class sizes were getting out of hand. My children were all great students, but they were not challenged at all and there was no focus on academic excellence. We feel now at Tanbridge that our children receive a rich educational, social and moral foundation. The small classes and dedication of the teachers has ensured that they are challenged daily in their academics and that they are working to their fullest potential. The students also push each other to do their best and there is an obvious air of community and caring for one another. My children benefit from the hockey and acro-dance programs that Tanbridge offers. Although this was not our main reason for sending our children here, it has definitely been an excellent experience for all my children. There is a strong focus on character and responsibility at Tanbridge; in the classrooms, on the ice and in the dance studio. My children have benefitted immensely from the decision that we made to send them to Tanbridge.”

- Parents

"Tanbridge's small class sizes give me a better learning environment. It's quieter and there are less distractions. All the other kids are there to learn and have high academic expectations. My teachers at Tanbridge know me and care about me. They "get me." The hockey program has helped me both on and off the ice. I am more confident with my skills and hockey IQ. Coach Tyler is the right coach for me because he knows what I need to work on and he challenges me to be better. He's a great communicator!"

- Student

"Tanbridge has nice teachers and there is lots of love. Tanbridge is a happy school where I get to be active and try lots of different sports. My favourite sport is Dance. My favourite subject is Art and the there are lots of nice people. I learn something new everyday."

- Student

"Tanbridge has been a blessing for our family. Our children have developed a love for learning at Tanbridge in an environment that fosters well rounded high achieving students. It is what school is supposed to be. A place to grow. A place to learn. We couldn't be more happy with the great little citizens our children are becoming and we have Tanbridge to thank for a large part for that. Our children have confidence and they are getting a great education."

- Parent

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"I love the friendships! It's a close community with the support of classmates and teachers. I always feel comfortable at school."
- Tanbridge Student